Thursday, March 22, 2012

walking on raw eggs

So today, inspired by this post at TinkerLab (oh my goodness there is a lot of fun egg activites here), we walked on raw eggs!  Surprisingly, we did not break one egg.  The kids felt so confident standing on the eggs that they began drawing on my grocery list that was nearby on the counter.  Later that day as a friend tried it out we did break one egg.  Which was a bit exciting really.  Then this morning the kids wanted to show Daddy how they can walk on eggs and we found that many of them were starting to crack just a little.  After we broke another egg we decided that these egg shells had become weakened from all the walking on them the day before.  I asked Katherine if she wanted to see what would happen if we stood on an egg that was laying sideways.  Neither kids had no interest that moment to further explore the strength of eggs or risk crushing one with their bare foot. This was so fun, so new, so easy, and season appropriate!

 After drawing with Mama's pencil, each child rediscovered the pleasure of drawing with an extra sharp pencil.  So far, my kids have not gravitated towards using pencils or colored pencils a whole lot (Sharpies are big in my house, not the pricey colored pencils or soy crayons or heart shaped ones).

And then the big kids found my recycled object box sitting in the art center (just odds and ends for creating with) and a wave of ideas overtook them both!  Henry spent time cutting up this box (after pulling out our new tent we just received in the mail) and then painting it.  Katherine worked very hard with many materials to build a house.  Lucy joined in the fun and ended up squeezing out glitter glue.

It was an inspiring morning all around.  After this burst of creative energy, we took the fun outside to play in the backyard, bare feet of course.

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