Saturday, March 30, 2013

time together

We had a busy week for us - all full of good things, important things.  Things to spend our time on that we value.  But busy nonetheless for this homeschooling/unschooling family of ours.  Time spent learning a new craft, chatting with neighbors, spraying aphids off the many, many (38) rose bushes I inherited with our new home, playing with friends outside, visiting with family in from out of town, and making time to just be.  Time to play with the water hose, time to discover the fun in painting our playhouse with tempura paint, time to decorate an Easter Egg tree, time to bake, time to stroll our neighborhood farmer's market early this morning, time to listen over and over to new music, time for the kids to wash a car, time to spend five hours at the park with friends, time to dream and plan a lemonade stand for next weekend - precious, precious time together.

Monday, March 25, 2013

camping trip part 2

We woke up our first morning in the camper to some cold (for us) temperatures.  We bundled up, made some coffee, read some books, and before we knew it the weather was warming up outside.  We headed up the road to a few spots by the river that we have been visiting for some time.  We drove ahead finding the right spot to stop and had to drive thru a spot where the road was a bit washed out.  All that snow melting and the waters were moving at a pace that made me a little nervous.  The kids climbed some big rocks and wanted to cross the river.  We also found a secret, small trickling of water forming a small stream in the side of a hill.  We then moved to another place on the river that we always stop at and is more kid friendly (sadly I was tired and left my camera in the car for that one).  Here the kids crossed the river back and forth, back and forth.  We even found a small sandy shore to play on.  We ate our lunch camped out on massive rocks.  Oh and did I mention we were the only people there the whole time?
Later that day we dropped the kids off at Grandma and Grandpa's house (very close to campsite) for a few hours and Tom and I went to dinner alone.  It was quite luxurious in the middle of a 'camping' trip to be eating this nice dinner together!  We picked up the kids who were now armed with new sunglasses, turkey feathers, and Henry clutching an antelope skull.  Henry (well, they all do) loves going to Grandpa's house and looking at all his fishing, hunting, and other things he is working on in his shop.  We came back to camp and having prepped the campfire earlier in the day, got right to work lighting the fire and roasting more marshmallows.  For the first time, our family went thru a whole bag of marshmallows in two nights.
I feel like I am finding some ease and rhythm in the packing and unpacking for camping.  We are to go camping for three nights with friends near the end of April.  I am pretty excited because we will be able to use Grandpa's camper for this trip and the screams and yells from the kids tells me they are happy about that too.  Oh, I had a few glorious moments alone in the campsite to sit in the shade, listen to the birds, and knit.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

camping part 1

The below captured moments are from a walk thru the woods behind our campsite on our first day.  With all the rain and snow our state has received this winter (with a snow storm in these parts just a week ago), there was some water in the creek and lots of mud.  It could have been much colder here this past weekend but we got lucky with sunny days and no crowds.  Giving my kids the gift of nature, playing outside for hours and hours and getting as dirty as they want - this makes me a very happy Mama.